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Stainless steel plate


Protective film for stainless steel plate; colored steel plate; mirrored steel plate
Features: Good weatherability; stable adhesive strength; can be easily applied and removed, leaving no residue glue after removal
Main specification: 0.03mm-0.08mm; blue color, transparent, black and white color

Protective film:
Perfect products need good protection! When profiles are turned into window frames, when stainless steel panels are processed into sinks, when painted metal sheets and plastics are transported and many more cases…Qida protective films prevent damage to surfaces, saving expensive reworking and unnecessary production losses…
Qida protection tape can not only protect the surfaces of your valuable products during handling, mechanical, transport, assembly, storage process but also can improve your brand image by printing your logo on its surface.

We offer films in various quality, color, printability, thickness, length, width and adhesive strength as below:
A): Film Type: Polyethylene film coated with pressure sensitive acrylic solvent adhesive or water-based adhesive;
B): Color: Transparent; white color, black & white color; blue color; black color, green color etc;
C): Printability: Can print Logo, company name in 1-2 colors on the film surface;
D): Thickness: 30 um –150 um (equals to 0.03mm-150mm);
E): Length: Within 1500 meter per roll;
F): Width: Within in 2200 millimeter;
G): Adhesive strength: 5-1500g/50mm 

Application of protective film:
The protective film can be used widely to protect various products’ surface and it is impossible to list its application on each product in every industry. We listed below a few applications as example.

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